Welcome to Falgun Engineering Enterprise!

We have been in the field of Pusher Centrifuge for nearly 12 years. We have handled over these years various Pusher Centrifuge, undertaken service and repairs of most imported and locally manufactured machines to customer's fullest satisfaction.

We also manufacture and supply Pusher Centrifuge, Screen Decanters, continuous Screen Decanters, Which handles similar products as Pusher Centrifuge. The Decanter Machines can be effeciently handle coarse particle size and comparatively lower solid contents. As there is no pusher mechanism and gear box requirements, these machines are more economical and cost competitive over pusher centrifuge, where similar products can be handled on these machines.

We have recently started our own manufacturing of these machines, and in last one year time we have installed over 12 machines for various applications in chemical, textile and salt industries. All these machines have been working satisfactorily at rated capacity with trouble free operations.

We adhere to strict quality norms and have various quality checks during manufacture and no compromise is made regard to quality of the machine we make. For all machines, we have standardized the drawings, Part details and sizes, repairs and maintenance, replacement of any part is easy. Even the screens we use are made by leading manufacturers and to specific micron size as per the customers product requirements. We also provide demo/trial run of our machines at your end for your specific products if necessary.

We offer machines in various matrial of construction as SS-316, SS-304, MS with contact part in SS and Screen sizes from 50 Microns to 150 microns as per the product requirements. Our machines also provide wahing modes / continuous washing facilities for the product if so desired.