Pusher Centrifuge

A Centrifuge machine is normally used for seperation of solid / liquid mass. A Pusher Centrifuge has several advantages over normal mechanical centrifuge machine, which can be stated as follows.

    1. High throughput and bulk handling capacity
    2. Practically no manpower required for operation and is a fully automated continuous operation.
    3. Higher production rate with minimum maintenance and space requirements.
    4. More energy efficient and reduce operating cost.
    5. Very effective dewatering of coarse crystalline products at high throughput rate and also the quality of the finished products can be improved by variety of washing modes.
    6. Can be used for variety of products and applications in bulk chemicals, Plastics, and mineral products with particle size approximately 100 microns and above.


Wide Range of Pusher Centrifuges offered by Falgun Engineering Enterprise.

Presently we are manufacturing four different models to suit customer's requirements. The machines are offered in SS-316, SS-304 and MS Material of construction, with various washing modes as optional. The range presently offered is as follows with approximate capacity of these machines mentioned.


Mechanical Pusher Centrifuge

No. Pusher Basket Size mm Dia. Total Electrical Load. HP Approx. Capacity Kg/Hr. for Salt
1 210 7.00 200-500
2 250 10.50 500-900
3 320 17.50 1000-2000
4 360 22.50 1500-2500
5 400 30.00 2500-4000
6 500 35.00 6000-8000








Bottom Discharge Centrifuge Machine

Sr. No. Size Model No. Basket Total Electrical Load HP Per batch solid Appox.
1 36"-B/D 910 mm 20 HP 150 Kg.
2 48"-B/D 1220 mm 30 HP 250 Kg.