Bottom Discharge Centrifuge

Falgun Engineering enterprise is a leading brand and manufacturing variety and type of centrifuge machines. We are one of the leading suppliers of Pusher Centrifuge to number of Multi- Effect —Evaporator manufacturer as OEM. We are now offering bottom discharge vertical basket machines for such products, which cannot be operated on Pusher Centrifuge because of either very fine particle size or non free flow characteristics of the material. Even then a continuous operation and automation is required, our these machines give a better solution, and thus can be used in multiple effect evaporator system.

The Bottom Discharge Centrifuge is basically a regular vertical basket centrifuge but has added advantage of mechanical removal of solids from the machine and thus saves lot of labor and time. It may be termed as semi automated for that purpose.

As with the regular centrifuge, these are used for solid —liquid separation and are available with various options and automation. Also there are other advantages compared to the normal centrifuge.

1. The 4 point suspension

Our machines are provided with latest design and 4 point suspension, which has distinct


  • The machines are provided with inertia platform and vibration isolating dampers to give smooth operation.
  • Practically can be operated without foundation and thus have flexibility of relocation of the machine in the plant.


We can provide machine with AC variable speed drive, PLC controllers, and hydraulic dual motion scrapping system, with safety devices for full automated operation.

A typical Vertical basket bottom discharge centrifuge cycle consists following stages.

Feeding :

The slurry is introduced to the rotating basket either with pump feed or high head gravity flow to enable uniform speedy feeding. The basket is provided with a filter cloth to retain solids. Because of the high centrifugal force, the solid —liquid separation takes place and the mother liquor is discharged
through perforation in the basket and separated.

Washing :

The washing liquid /water is then introduced which passes through the solid cake, and thus improves the purity of solids and removes extra mother liquor.

Scrapping :

After spinning the machine for desired time, to achieve the maximum dry solids, a scraper knife is introduced and advances in to the rotating basket to discharge the solids. The solids are discharged through the opening in the basket bottom. The entire operation of solids removal is programmed in such a way so as to achieve the best results with minimum efforts and having large safety factors and options.

An optional residual removal from the basket cloth can be performed, with the scraper in an advance position using air / nitrogen as the case may be to dislodge the residual heel.


Typical Technical Data For 4 point Suspension Bottom Discharge Centrifuge

Model Unit FE-36 FE-48 FE-60
Basket Dia mm In 915 1220 1500
Basket Height mm In 425 500 700
Basket Volume Ltrs 160 30 490
Basket Load Kgs. 200 370 610
Filtration Area Sq.Mt. 1.25 1.85 3.25
Nominal Speed Rpm 1200 1100 860
Centrifugal Force G 625 690 680
Motor Power HP 15 25 40
Dimensions of Machine        
Length mm      
Width mm      
Overall Height mm      


The values are indictive and may vary on actual machine.
The basket Load/capacity will vary based on bulk density of the material and Particle size.